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Give Thanks!

One of the greatest things I have noticed, since my surrender, is that everything I look at now seems new.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

It’s like looking at it all through new eyes. The world is so beautiful. Life is so beautiful. Praise the Lord for all that he as given and done for us!

I told my husband this weekend that it would be so easy for me to ask Jesus why he didn’t open my eyes sooner. Or why he chose me when he did. Instead, I want to praise him and give thanks to him for choosing me when he did and how he did. I want to give him my love and receive his love.

Everyday, start your day with giving thanks. Give thanks for all that you have and all that you will receive. He is truly a mighty and loving God!

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The Beginning & Homemade Chicken Soup

I couldn’t evade the funk for long. I woke up one morning recently with all my energy wiped out and a sore throat. Being the sweetheart that my husband is, he was determined to help me get back to feeling well. So he made homemade chicken soup for me. And, since I had recently expressed interest in rereading the Bible again, I decided to read while he prepped and cooked.

Three hours later, soup was finally ready, in time for lunch, and I was going on about Abraham and Isaac. Not even skipping the family lineages.

I think he was amused when I would cry out that I remembered a part from childhood or church.

It took all afternoon, but we finished Genesis and had chicken soup again for dinner.

Lord, I want to take a moment to pray for everyone dealing with this funk right now. That you’ll help them each have a speedy recovery. That Lord, you’ll also heal those in need of healing. Fight for those who need fighting for right now. Jesus, that you’ll watch over my family and my friends and my co-workers as we head into the weekend. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

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The Daniel Fast

On our 2nd Sunday to church, one of the news bulletins was about the upcoming Daniel Fast. They informed that a sign up sheet was in the lobby for all who wanted to participate.

The previous Sunday, I had asked my husband the significance of the fast. He gladly explained in depth what Daniel had endured and how he fasted.

So to my husband’s surprise, I turned to him and said I wanted to sign up. Of course, in true fashion of my spirit. We were going to do this the right way. No meat. No dairy. No flour. Just hearty whole foods that we prepare and cook ourselves.

Soon, Pinterest became my go to tool. I was going to make sure my family ate what was required of the fast. We gave up fast food, caffeine, bread and all sweets.

Those were the most amazing three weeks. My husband and I prepared every dish together in the kitchen. It gave us time to talk about our days, talk about upcoming plans, and just talk. We loved every moment. We discovered a new level in our marriage. I mean we were happy in our marriage but this brought a new level of HAPPY.

One thing that had bothered me prior to all this, was my health. I had spent the last couple of years ill. I had been tested for all different sorts of upper intestinal and liver deficiencies. The only thing they had found so far was that I had what was called an non-alcoholic fatty liver. I had put on a lot of weight as well. It gave me a bad reputation at work because I was having to miss so much work when I was having a flare up. I had struggled the last half of 2016 to work through my pain and better my reputation.

My family and I stayed true to the Daniel Fast for the full 3 weeks. As I reflected on the time, I told my husband that I had no flare ups during the Fast. In fact, I had felt the best I had ever felt in years. Between my power walks and the foods we ate during the Fast, I was starting to really get in shape.

During my most recent doctor visit, he was surprised to see that I was doing so well and was able to confirm that my elevated levels had gone down.

I give praise to the Lord. He knew what he was doing.