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The Beginning & Homemade Chicken Soup

I couldn’t evade the funk for long. I woke up one morning recently with all my energy wiped out and a sore throat. Being the sweetheart that my husband is, he was determined to help me get back to feeling well. So he made homemade chicken soup for me. And, since I had recently expressed interest in rereading the Bible again, I decided to read while he prepped and cooked.

Three hours later, soup was finally ready, in time for lunch, and I was going on about Abraham and Isaac. Not even skipping the family lineages.

I think he was amused when I would cry out that I remembered a part from childhood or church.

It took all afternoon, but we finished Genesis and had chicken soup again for dinner.

Lord, I want to take a moment to pray for everyone dealing with this funk right now. That you’ll help them each have a speedy recovery. That Lord, you’ll also heal those in need of healing. Fight for those who need fighting for right now. Jesus, that you’ll watch over my family and my friends and my co-workers as we head into the weekend. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.


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